Are you a Gin lover? 

Here are some gin and tonic recipes with a twist.

36S Berry G & T

30ml of Original Gin 

60ml of Tonic Water 

A dash of simple syrup for sweetness

A generous handful of berries, muddled 

Handful of ice

36S Grapefruit G & T

30ml of Grapefruit Cordial

30ml of Blood Orange Gin

40ml of Tonic Water

Handful of ice


Gin Martini


Have you tried our Rakia?
Traditionally Rakia is drunk neat alongside pickled vegetables and cured meats. However, this is just one way you can enjoy it. Our 36S rakia is very versatile and can be imbibed in many different ways. Experiment with some of the below cocktails and enjoy!
Tom Collins

45ml London Dry Gin
30ml Fresh lemon juice
15ml 36S White Rakia
15ml Simple sugar syrup
Top with soda

Build in tall glass, add ice, stir

Lemon wheel/Lavender

Espresso Martini 

30ml Vodka
15ml 36S White Rakia
15ml Coffee Liqueur
30ml Fresh Espresso
10ml Simple sugar syrup

Shake over ice, double strain

Fresh grated nutmeg  

Apple-Blackberry Martini

30ml 36S White Rakia
30ml Fresh apple juice
15ml Fresh lime juice
10ml Simple sugar syrup
3 blackberries
Sprig mint

Muddle blackberries and mint in the bottom of a shaker; add other ingredients, shake over ice; double strain

Apple fan

Rakia Sour

45ml 36S Gold Rakia
30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Simple sugar syrup
Egg white


Dry shake egg and sugar, add remaining ingredients and shake over ice; strain and serve over fresh ice

Maraschino cherry